Frequently Asked Questions

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Who Administers The Plan?
A Board of Trustees consisting of an equal number of Union and Employer representatives is responsible for administering the Plan.

Who Is Covered By The Plan?
Only Employees of Contributing Employers who work under Collective Bargaining Agreements with the Union or a Special Agreement with the Trustees are covered by the Plan. The program does not cover any sole proprietors, partners, corporate owner-officers with management prerogatives, or any other self-employed persons.

Do The Pensions Provided By This Plan Affect Social Security Benefits In Any Way?
No. The benefits payable under this Plan are in addition to benefits paid under Social Security.

How Do I Add or Change a Beneficiary?
If you need to add or change a beneficiary, please call the Trust Office at (206) 282-4500 or (800) 225-7620.

May Pension Benefits Be Assigned?
No. This is prohibited by the Pension Plan except as required for compliance with an IRS levy, a qualified domestic relations order resulting from divorce proceedings, or child support enforcement.

If Benefits Are Denied, May The Employee Or Spouse Appeal The Denial?
Yes. Any Employee, Spouse, or Surviving Family Member who is denied a benefit has the right to appeal the denial to the Appeal Committee. The deadline and other rules for filing an appeal with the Appeal Committee are contained in the Statement of Plan Details. The Trustees have discretionary and final authority to interpret the Plan, and to decide pension benefit claims, subject only to the appeal rights which are summarized in the SPD.

Are Plan Documents Available To Employees?
Yes. Copies of the Trust Agreement, Plan Document, Plan Amendments and a summary of the annual report are available for inspection at the Administrative Office during regular business hours and upon written request will be furnished by mail.

In addition, copies of the Collective Bargaining Agreements and a full annual report are available for inspection at the Administrative Office during regular business hours and will be furnished by mail upon written request and payment of reasonable charges. You may find out what that charge will be before writing and asking for copies of these documents.